‘Beaver Scouts are Friendly, Beaver Scouts are Kind’ – Bever Scout MottoBeaver Scout Icon

The Mafikeng Beaver section is a fun and exciting group for ages: 6 – 8. Our Beaver section runs weekly on Thursdays in Howth.

The Beavers take part in many activities and outings throughout the year, which include sleepovers, group hostel, and visit to Tara Street fire station.  The main events that we look forward to each year are an Easter Camp Day Trip and Summer Camp, which we spend a few days camping down in Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow.

It is an exciting place for children to learn new skills and friendships that they will keep with them for life.  Beavers learn through fun! Some of the aspects that Scouting brings out are developing communication skills, leadership, responsibility, and most important respect for one another.

Beavers learn about the One Programme, which is based on six principles, Social, Physical, Intelligence, Characteristic, Emotional, and Spiritual, also known as S.P.I.C.E.S.  These principles are what Beavers use in their everyday program with us and what we encourage to grow with them as they develop their Beaver Skills

We work on skills, such as emergencies, air, water, and pioneering to name a few.  In each area there are six levels, in Beavers we cover the first two levels which are age appropriate. For example, in Hillwalking, the Beavers learn the country code and the buddy system.

Badges are a huge motivation for Beavers to complete tasks and the anticipation of gaining them is an exciting moment of pride.  This happens in every troop and every section.  They are their badges of honour.

Beavers are the starting point of our troop and where the love of scouting is ignited.

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