‘Do your Best’ – Cub Scout MottoCub Scout Icon

Mafikeng Cubs range from 9 to 11 years of age.  These are the years of greater adventure, exploration and responsibility in a Scouts life and the Cub programme is designed to complement and develop this.  Cubs are encouraged to grow by taking more responsibility for themselves and others.

The Cub Pack is organised into small groups called Sixes and they are encouraged to spend more time working in small teams and given greater responsibility for their programme.  Each Six has a leader called a ‘Sixer’ and an assistant leader called a ‘Seconder‘.  The Sixers meet in a Sixer Council and discuss what the Cubs would like to do.  Therefore, Cubs have a bigger say and responsibility in the running of the programme

In order to bring some structure to the Cub’s programme they can follow the fictional ‘Super Six’ who travel around a land of adventure and feature in their activity book.  Each member of the Super Six represents one of the ‘SPICES’ which, along with the Scout Method, form the framework of all our programmes and activities.  ‘SPICES’ stands for –

Social Physical Intellectual Cultural Emotional Spiritual

The weekly programme can take many different forms but use of the outdoors and work in small teams is always at the centre of any planning session.  The pack also organises programme events outside of the weekly meetings such as a hostel weekend, an annual Cub day in Powerscourt as well as a summer camp.  These trips outside of the Den give the Cubs a chance to put their skills into practice in a new environment, without the time constraint of a weekly meeting.

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